Are Rising Gas Prices Affecting You?

Friday, March 4, 2011
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Have a Party!

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Have a Party! by Kay Green

So you need a way to connect with customers on a regular basis every week. There is a way! The party plan template that you see with Tupperware, Discovery Toys, Party Lite continues because it works. Why?

1. It put a group of customers in front of you at one time.
2. They are motivated to buy because every one there is buying.
3. It exposes you and your products to more people.
4. It continues because at each party you get bookings for more.
5. It gets you into new circles of people regularly.
6. It builds your repeat customer base.

So how do you get started?

1.  Have a "See My Business" party in your home.

Pick an evening or Saturday and invite 40 adults to come. YES 40, since only half will come. Show the products. Explain the features and benefits of each product. Answer questions. Give away a prize in a drawing. Take orders or sell out right. Then give a benefit to those who will have a party or show in their home for you. You will sell an average of $30 per person.

2.  Get 6 friends to each have a party in their home.

I offer them  free gift when 5 buying guests come plus the hostess gifts your company offers. You could give her a half price item for every friend who books and hold a party. Maybe allow her to buy the half price item at her friends show.

3. At each of those 6 parties ask every buying guest (when totaling their order) if they would like to have a home show and share the products with their friends and family too. If you don't ask, they can not say yes. Open your date book and tell them what dates you have available.

4. You could gather facts and handouts of child safety (or your products topic) information to share. The is much available on line about children's safety. Pick what appeals to you. You could play games or have door prize drawings.

5. At each party have your foam board display set up. Talk about each product and why they need it. Have products available to buy on the spot or take orders.

I have done this successfully with Discovery Toys and Tupperware. It does work! If you are serious about making profit each and every week this is the way to do it. It will get your name and product into the community. You can also set up fundraisers at schools and day care centers from these parties too.

Are you serious about your business? Will you give it a try and see that this does work! You will succeed and increase sales quickly this way.

Kay Green is the founder of Children's Safety Products and Baby Gear. Kay has a passion for keeping kids safe and giving parents peace of mind. Kay & Russell, her husband of 27 years, live in Oregon with their 4 children.
COPYRIGHT 2000-2007 My Precious Kid®,  Kay Green. All rights reserved.

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Changing Your Frugal Attitude

Thursday, February 3, 2011
Let’s face it, almost all of us go through some tight financial times through our lives, but how we look at and face those times can set you apart from the crowd. It’s kind of that, the glass can be half-full OR half-empty situation. Some people who are in a tight financial situation will let it take them down and they’ll use it as a crutch and blame all their woes on it, whereas another person in the same situation will say that money is tight, but that’s finances are not the end all and be all of their lives.

First, I’ve come to realize that money doesn’t make you happy! I used to think that it did, but the reality is, that YOU make yourself happy! The most financially strapped person in the world can still be the happiest. Life is what you make it!!! Mother Theresa dedicated herself to the poorest of the poor, and she herself was poor, in the monetary sense, but she was rich in spirit, in friends, and in attitude! She once said, “I try to give to the poor people for love what the rich could get for money.” Money won’t buy happiness and she knew it!

Deeply dwelling on your financial situation costs you energy you could be using to improve your situation or at least try to make the best of it! Dave Ramsey, author of , “The Total Money Makeover”, points out that if you’ve always done things the same way, financially speaking, and your situation hasn’t improved, well then it’s time to do things DIFFERENTLY!

This reminds me of my honeymoon. My husband and I were golfing at a course in Bermuda (this was long before I knew what frugal living was) and we had to hit over this ocean inlet to the green. My husband INSISTED that a certain club would do the trick for him and he proceeded to hit the ball and come up short. After watching his ball end up in the water, he took out another ball and hit it with the SAME club! AGAIN, the ball landed short and ended up in the water. Now, at this point, I suggested a different club, but he argued that he KNEW that club should work! Need I go on as to where the ball landed? The fourth time, he changed clubs and FINALLY got the ball over. What is the moral of the story? If it isn’t working for you, do something DIFFERENT Just like my husband spent time and energy insisting that THAT club should work, if you’re spending time and energy insisting that your current financial management or situation SHOULD be working and it’s not, then do something about it!

How do you do something about your current financial situation? There is a bounty of books and internet resources on budgeting, frugality, stretching the dollars and such to be had right from an awesome FREE source, your LIBRARY! If your local library doesn’t have what you want, then they can borrow it from another library for you. These books can get you into the nitty-gritty details of various systems that will help you manage and change how you’re handling your finances. The point I DO want to make is that you can do this for FREE! There are lots of “systems” out there which would have you pay for this information, but it can be had for nothing through your library and a little online research (done for free at the library of course!).

Do something different today so you can enjoy tomorrow more!

Tammy Paquin is a work from home mom of 3 boys. She is the publisher of Frugal-Families, a site devoted to frugality, budgeting, simple and thrifty living, homesteading and all things related to helping families and singles alike, stretch their hard-earned dollars. Make sure to keep up with more money saving tips at our blog,